Nowadays is called BAM…

From an interview to Zappa, 1974

Q. How do you explain the fact that there are so many white musicians today, and back in 1968 for that matter, who have attempted to sound black; not only in the music but in the lyrics as well?
FZ. Well, you guys said it. Black is beautiful. Guess a lot of those white guys believed it and went along with it.
Q. Does that mean that you don’t have your own roots from which to grow?
FZ. I’d say that the roots of white culture in the United States might exist, but they’re probably not as interesting as the roots of black culture in the US, especially to those people in the music business.
Q. Do you regard that attempt at black music as an attempted rip-off as some blacks do?
FZ. Some blacks may regard it that way but I don’t look at it that way.
Q. Why not?
FZ. Because I think that in the process of making music there is so little that is actually generated fresh from this twentieth century point of view, you know from right this moment, that so much of what everybody uses in music is borrowed or developed from trials and errors of past generations of all different cultures.
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